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Target Weighted Blanket: Remarkable Journey from Stress to Serenity


Target weighted blanket is a type of bedding that is meant to give its users with comfort and relaxation. Unlike regular blankets, this weighted blanket is loaded with materials such as glass beads or plastic pellets that distribute weight equally across the body when draped over it. This extra weight generates a moderate and relaxing pressure that can be pleasant similar to a warm embrace or a hug. This weighted blanket’s primary function is to enhance emotions of relaxation, reduce tension and anxiety and improve sleep quality.

Weighted blankets have grown in popularity in recent years, with Target being one of the retailers offering a number of alternatives to suit to various needs. These blankets are available in a variety of weights and sizes allowing customers to select the one that best matches their body type and personal comfort preferences.

They are often made of soft and fluffy materials making them not only practical but also aesthetically pleasant complements to a person’s bedroom decor. This article will further discuss about what are Target weighted blankets, how do these weighted blankets works, advantages of these blankets and its different types, care and maintenance.

What are Target Weighted Blanket?

Target weighted blanket is also known as weighted blankets. They are unique bedding products that have the goal to assist people achieve an experience of peace and relaxation. They are filled with materials that are evenly distributed throughout the blanket such as glass beads, plastic pellets or natural grains. When draped over the body, the extra weight which typically ranges from 5 to 30 pounds imposes moderate pressure on it. Deep Touch Pressure (DTP) is a therapeutic approach that underpins the science of these blankets. DTP simulates the sense of being hugged or held, which calms the nervous system. This feeling can stimulate the release of serotonin and melatonin, the “feel-good” and sleep-inducing hormones.

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How do Target Weighted Blanket Works?

Target weighted blanket create a feeling of security and comfort by putting equal pressure to the body’s sensory receptors. This pressure has a calming effect on the central nervous system which can help people relax and reduce anxiety and sleep better. To guarantee effectiveness without feeling too heavy, the weight of the blanket should be approximately ten percent of your body weight. When you use a these weighted blanket, it gently stimulates the release of serotonin and melatonin, allowing you to fall asleep sooner and experience a deeper and more restful sleep.

Advantages of Target Weighted Blanket:

Better Sleep Quality:

The ability of target-weighted blanket to increase sleep quality is one of their most significant advantages. These blankets help you fall asleep earlier and stay asleep longer by increasing the production of serotonin and melatonin. As a consequence, you will have a more peaceful and refreshing night’s sleep.

Reducing Stress and Anxiety:

These weighted blankets are a natural and drug-free way to relieve tension and anxiety. The deep pressure stimulation they provide has a relaxing impact on the neurological system, making them an effective tool for anxiety management and relaxation.

Focus and concentration are improved:

Using a target weighted blanket during the day can assist enhance focus and attention according to several users. The blanket’s relaxing impact can boost productivity and reduce stress in various situations from work to study.

Pain Relief:

These weighted blankets can also be beneficial for individuals experiencing chronic pain conditions. The gentle pressure can help alleviate discomfort making it easier to relax and manage pain.

Enhanced Rest for Restless Legs Syndrome:

Those with Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) often find relief from the discomfort and urge to move their legs by using a weighted blanket allowing for a more peaceful night’s sleep.

Calming for Children:

 Target weighted blanket are also available in smaller sizes, making them suitable for children. They can help calm children with sensory issues like ADHD or autism helping in better sleep and relaxation.

Customizable Weight and Size:

Target offers a range of weighted blankets with different weights and sizes allowing users to choose the one that suits their body type and preferences.

Stylish Design:

These weighted blankets come in various colors and materials, ensuring that they not only provide comfort but also enhance the aesthetics of your bedroom or living space.

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Types of Target Weighted Blanket

Classic Weighted Blankets: 

These are basic weighted blankets that come in a variety of weights and sizes. They feature a soft and luxurious cover composed of materials such as minky fabric or microfiber. Traditional weighted blankets are useful for relaxation, stress reduction and increased sleep.

Cooling Weighted Blankets:

Target offers cooling weighted blankets that are designed to control body temperature. These blankets are often made of breathable fabrics and use moisture wicking technology to keep you cool and comfortable throughout the night making them an excellent choice for hot sleepers.

Weighted Blankets for Children: 

Target offers a variety of weighted blankets made only for children. These blankets are available in kid friendly colors and sizes making them ideal for children who would benefit from the relaxing benefits of a weighted blanket.

Weighted Lap Pads: 

Target also offers tiny weighted lap pads that are perfect for sitting, reading or working. These are often used in educational and therapeutic settings to assist students stay focused and calm.

Weighted Blankets with Two Sides: 

Some Target weighted blanket has two sides. One side can be made up of a warm and fluffy fabric while the other is made of a cooler and breathable material. The blanket’s dual-sided design allows you to use it all year.

Weighted Blankets for Specific Conditions: 

Some of these weighted blankets have the purpose of treating certain conditions such as anxiety, ADHD or sensory abnormalities. Sensory-friendly fabrics and patterns may be used in these blankets.

Weighted Blankets with Duvet Covers: 

These blankets come with a detachable duvet cover that can be washed separately. This makes maintenance and cleaning more convenient and allows you to change the blanket’s look.

Care and Maintenance

Read the Care Instructions:

You should always start by reading and following the care directions provided by the company. These instructions may include specific recommendations for washing and maintaining your weighted blanket.

Use a Removable Cover:

If your Target weighted blanket has a removable, machine-washable cover, use it. This cover helps protect the inner weighted layer from dirt, stains and odors making it easier to clean.

Spot Cleaning:

For minor spills or stains on the blanket’s cover, use a damp cloth with mild detergent to spot clean the affected area. Avoid using harsh chemicals or bleach as they can damage the fabric.


In conclusion, Target weighted blankets have gained popularity for their ability to promote relaxation, reduce stress and improve sleep quality. With various advantages and types to choose from, they have become a valuable tool for individuals seeking comfort and therapeutic benefits. Whether you’re looking to improve your sleep or alleviate stress, a these weighted blanket may be the solution you’ve been searching for.


Are Target weighted blankets safe for children?

Yes, Target offers weighted blankets designed specifically for children. When used as directed and with supervision, these blankets are safe for kids and can provide a sense of security and comfort.

Can I wash my Target weighted blanket?

Many Target weighted blankets are machine washable. Always check the care instructions provided with the specific blanket you purchase.

How do I choose the right weight for my Target weighted blanket?

A general guideline is to select a blanket that is around ten percent of your body weight but personal preferences may vary.

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