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Cooling Blanket: Stay Cool All Night and Beat the Heat


Cooling blanket is a specialized bedding product created to provide people a relaxing and comfortable night’s sleep while also assisting in controlling their body temperature. These blankets are designed to eliminate excess heat instead of just provide warmth are more useful in hot weather for those who have night sweats or hot flashes or just for people who want a more cool and pleasant sleep environment. 

To provide their cooling effect, these innovative blankets employ a variety of cooling technologies, including gel-infused fabrics, phase-change materials (PCM), water circulation systems or even electric fans. Personal tastes and unique cooling requirements frequently influence the choice of a cooling system. This article will further delve deeper in what is cooling blankets, science behind these pillows and their main advantages, its different types, care and maintenance.

Science behind Cooling Blanket:

Modern materials and technology are used in cooling blankets to produce their cooling properties. The majority of them contain phase-change materials (PCMs), which are known for their ability to absorb, store and release heat as needed. These PCMs are included into the pillow’s core or fabric allowing them to keep a constant cool temperature all night long.

The idea behind this technology is simple yet brilliant. The PCM keeps the body temperature low as it absorbs the extra heat and keep you cool all night. On the other hand, when your body temperature decreases such when you move away from the pillow, the heat that has been stored in your body is released, giving you a cooling feeling.

Cooling blanket

Main Advantages of Cooling Blanket:

Advantages of these pillows are a lot due to which they have gained immense amount of popularity. Some of advantages these blankets are explained below:

Temperature Control: 

Cooling blanket is made to assist people control their body temperatures. This makes them very helpful in hot weather or if someone is going through hot flashes. They quickly and efficiently help in cooling you off.

Better Sleep Quality: 

Using a cooling blanket can lead to better sleep. Many people discover that sleeping well and staying asleep are made simpler by a pleasant environment. These blankets can help you sleep better by preventing overheating during the night.

Energy Efficiency: 

They use less energy than air conditioning to chill a whole area. This can result in lower energy costs while maintaining your comfort.


This blanket is often lightweight and portable which makes it simple to carry them with you when especially when you are travel. Due to its portability, it is possible to travel in comfort while remaining cool. You don’t have to worry about sweats during trip.

Benefits for health: 

This blanket can provide relief to several medical conditions. They can help in reducing the symptoms of conditions like fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis (MS), which are made worse by heat.

Reduces Sweating: 

Excessive sweating can cause skin irritation and be unpleasant. Cooling blanket can help you stay dry and comfortable by reducing sweating.

Environmentally Friendly:

Since these blanket uses less energy than air conditioning to chill a room as a whole, using one is an environmentally beneficial method to remain cool.

Reduces Allergens: 

Cooling blanket can also assist in reducing the level of allergens in your bedroom. They serve as a shield between you and potential allergens like dust mites because they are frequently used on top of your usual bedding.

Customizable Cooling: 

Some of these blanket includes settings that can be changed to suit your preferences for the level of cooling. This guarantees that you can achieve the ideal balance between comfort and temperature control.

Helps with Recovery:

They can be useful for athletes and those who are recovering from workouts or injury. By providing targeted cooling treatment, they help in reducing inflammation and relaxing painful muscles.

Different Types of Cooling Blankets:

These blankets are manufactured in many different styles and designs and some of them are as following:

Gel Cooling Blanket: 

This blanket has a layer of fabric that has been coated with gel to assist disperse heat and control body temperature. The gel is frequently a phase-change material (PCM) that at a particular temperature transforms from a solid to a liquid state producing a constant cooling effect. These heat-activated blankets are often put on top of the bed or under the sheets.

Water-Filled Cooling Blanket: 

These blankets include tiny channels or tubes that are filled with water. To disperse heat, they operate on the circulation of water principle. While some types rely on gravity to circulate the water, others are connected to a small pump. These blankets have adjustable and reliable cooling abilities.

Electric Cooling Blanket: 

To produce a cooling effect, electric cooling blanket use electricity. They often have a built-in cooling system that circulates air and cools the blanket’s surface using fans or Peltier devices (thermo-electric coolers). These blankets are versatile and can be controlled by a remote to reach various cooling levels.

Phase-Changing Material (PCM) Cooling Blanket: 

PCM cooling blanket is made of material that shift from a solid to a liquid or vice versa at a certain temperature. The PCM melts and stores extra heat as it absorbs heat keeping the blanket’s surface colder. The PCM freezes and releases the heat stored when the temperature drops. Passive cooling is provided by PCM blankets without the need of water or electricity.

Weighted blankets with cooling technology: 

Cooling weighted blankets incorporate cooling technology with the benefits of a weighted blanket. To evenly distribute weight and cooling throughout the blanket, these blankets feature pockets filled with cooling materials like glass beads or gel. They can offer comfort to individuals who want both cooling relief and the relaxing characteristics of a weighted blanket.

Cooling Mattress Pads or Toppers:

Unlike traditional blankets, cooling mattress pads or toppers do the same thing by controlling the temperature of your entire bed. These pads are placed on top of the mattress; generally include cooling technologies such as cooling gel, PCM or others. For individuals who want constant cooling throughout the night, they can be a great solution.

Cooling blankets for travel: 

This little, portable cooling blankets are perfect for travel. In a car, an airplane or a hotel room, they are excellent for use when traveling. Some inflatable travel blankets can be filled and deflated for simple storage.

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Care and Maintenance:

Proper maintenance and care are essential for your cooling blanket’s longer lifespan and efficiency.

Review the Manufacturer’s Guidelines:

To protect your blanket from harm, always adhere to the manufacturer’s care recommendations.


Most cooling blankets can be machine washed for routine cleaning. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully for durable and longer results.

Cooling blanket


In conclusion, cooling blanket is an excellent addition to your sleep arsenal. They make use of modern technology to control your body temperature, improve comfort and decrease sweating, resulting in a more peaceful night’s sleep. You can take use of these advantages for many years by choosing the appropriate cooling blanket type and following suitable maintenance instructions.


Can I use a cooling blanket year-round?

Yes, these blankets are versatile and can be used in every season. It makes sure to keep you warm and cool all year round.

Are cooling blankets safe for children?

Cooling blankets are generally safe for children, but it’s essential to choose an appropriate size and monitor their use.

Does cooling blanket require any special maintenance?

Besides regular washing, cooling blankets typically don’t require any special maintenance. Just follow the care instructions and you’re good.

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