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Xiaobian teaches you how to choose a treadmill brand

In the current fitness equipment market, there is a lot of treadmill brands under the online line, but how to choose a suitable treadmill is not easy, involving many aspects. Recently, Xiaobian also received a lot of questions about how to choose treadmill brands, let’s take a look. 1, the price is selected, the first thing to consider should be priced, but it is very easy to entangle: choose the cheaper point, don’t know if the quality can be guaranteed; choose your point, white flowers are not practical money. Therefore, you must first set a price in your psychology, choose a price range you can withstand, and the common running equipment in the general market is about 2 million yuan. If you want to buy a purchase economy, you can choose the price of 1500-2500 yuan. If you consider you want to go running yourself, or if you want to run, it is better to protect your knees, then you can give The price range set by yourself is within 3,000-6000 yuan. Here, I will recommend this brand. It is very high in industrial cost, from the situation of customer usage and the seller feedback, the word of mouth is not very good, I want to buy a friend to see it. 2, after-sales considering the price, then consider is after sale, if you bought a miscellaneous product online, a few years of treadmill is broken, this factory has already closed or rolling, so it is also important after sale. Because this is related to the product follow-up problem. After sale, you can rest assured that you can use the peace of mind. So consumers must consider both the two when choosing a treadmill brand, and can choose the product that suits you, and the treadmill must be careful carefully because it is not low.