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Why do you want to pillow?

Why do you want to pillow? This is anatomical diagram of a side of the body standing, not fine enough. Let’s refine: Well, this is fine, this is a standing position. Below we let him lie down, plus a bed: this is a good simulation for our sleep posture. If you stay in this posture, there will be a gap in the head and bed naturally, as shown in the picture. At this time, we have three options: a Direct sleep B practicing the magic c pillow pillow first to analyze A Direct sleep: Cervical vertebra power map is like a picture, obviously not, will die! Although there is a little exaggerated component, the cervical vertebrae is abnormal is objective, and the head is no longer in the middle axis of the body, and blood is obviously not good due to the gravity of reflowing the head. Then analyze the B practitioners: In general, it is to use an unsatisfactory force, so that the head is suspended in half, I don’t know what to use, I don’t discuss it first. C Pillow: It seems that it seems to be the only way to make normal humans. At the end of the spread, the pillow is started below. The principle of choosing a pillow is actually very clear: it is in the pillow, as soon as possible to keep the state of the cervical vertebra. At the same time, relax the neck muscles and support the weight of the head. This requires the following elements: 1 highly appropriate focus on the horizontal line of the body (refer to the case of the pillow) 2 Material support, reducing the burden on the cervical vertebra (the case of practicing skills) 3 There is a certain support and protection of the neck muscle (refer to that kind of nap pillow, haha \u200b\u200bmust think that I want to say Figure 3) Experts remind: Since everyone’s physical condition, cervical arc, long and size, quantitative To make a healthy pillow of different radiaps, it is the best choice for establishing a new pillow health relationship. The pillow that meets human mechanics is selected, not only for cervical vertebra, but also benefits to the physiological curvature of the entire spine. The source of disease is from the spine, and the spinal health care can maintain good health. Tokyo Xichuan custom-made sleeping pillow is unique to Xichuan, according to each person’s cervical vertebra, it is customized to the pillow of its own cervical spine, using the measuring instrument to measure the neck curve, and then use the external conditions for external use by human data and sleep habits, mattresses, and carefully Customer customizes pillows that suits yourself. High and low adjustable pillows are different from the quilt, the standard size can meet the needs of everyone, and everyone’s pillows should be adjusted according to their own height, weight, and then the height of the height, especially in teenagers in the growth stage. Xichuan’s pillow sets the adjustment port, which can be convenient to adjust the filler, to achieve high and highly adjustable purposes, the height of the Xichuan pillow can be real in accordance with the height of the healthy pillow. Partition Design and New Filler Xichuan has a Japanese Well-known Sleep Science Research Institute, focusing on sleep more than 400 years, Tokyo Xichuan pillow is in line with ergonomic principles, collecting workers, medical, academic people in full study, its new three-dimensional design, central center The concave structure, the partition partition that is too understandable, stickerThe stream of flow lines in the shoulder and neck, adding new resin hoses, non-toxic and tasteless, good return, good ventilation, easy to breed mites, easy to clean, comprehensive achievement functional healthy sleep!Next: What is the height of the baby sleeps well? Next: Do you have a cervical spondylosis?