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Where is the water blocking boat compared to the wind blocking boat?

Many friends have begun to pay attention to rowing machine movement, although there are many types of rowing machines, but with the highest voice of the water blocking boat and wind-resistant boat. Say, where is the difference between water resistance and wind resistance? I. Principle 1. The principle of water resistance is to use the closed water tank to form a resistance, through water content control, blade angle move, and pull speed change to achieve resistance adjustment. 2. The principle of wind resistance is to use the wind direction in the wind to form a resistance, and the adjustment of the pull-up speed is achieved by the control of the air outlet. Second, authenticity 1. Since the resistance of the water resistance is relatively high, there is also water, so the real degree is much higher than the wind resistance. Third, the resistance distribution 1. In the paddle cycle, the uniformity of the wind resistant overall is better than the water blocking boat, which means that the excessive fluine between each paddle is uniform. 2. Water resistance Since the paddle is sinking with gravity at the end of each time the pull, the paddle is sinking, so there is a kind of stop in the paddle. Fourth, noise size 1. The wind resistance is the resistance of the wind, the greater the resistance, the faster the speed, the greater the resulting noise. 2. The water resistance is used by the slurry to shoot the sound, the noise is relatively small, and the sound of the water has a feeling. 5. Maintenance 1. Water resistance The water barrier needs to be tested, such as buying disinfection clean water, preventing water tanks, etc., so in the usual maintenance is more troublesome. Six, durability 1. Most of the materials used in water resistance are solid wood, and it is easy to wear during exercise. The water tank is also easily caused by corrosion of wood, and the durability is relatively poor. 2. The material used in wind resistance is mostly aluminum alloy and plastic, and the durability is better. In summary, both have their own advantages and disadvantages, compared to the scene, the water blocking machine is suitable for families, offices, fitness studios, etc., and wind resist is more suitable for gym, professional rowing teams.