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What kind of pillows help sleep

What kind of pillow helps sleep in a life of sleep, spending more than sleep, only sleeping, can have an energetic energy to work, study. Sleep is inseparable from the pillow, the action of the pillow is to ensure the physiological radians of the human neck when sleep. The choice of the pillow is also learned. If you don’t adhere, you will not only affect sleep, but it will also affect your health. Whether you can sleep, you can keep your neck normal currency pillow. In general, the height of the pillow should be around 10 cm. This highly adapts to the position of the neck in the supine state, which can make the muscle ligament around the neck and the cervical vertebrae in the best relaxation, so that fatigue, To get a sufficient rest adjustment. Normal neck should rely on vertebral bodies, intervertebral disc, front and rear vertical ligaments, surrounding muscles, etc. The pillow is too high, the head is written, long-term drawing, and the way to work in the long-term work will change these ligaments and muscles, which may affect the curvature of the spinal neck. Therefore, when choosing a pillow, the fabric is soft, the filler is breathable, and the plasticity is good, and the pillow that can be changed casually. Here is recommended to the pillow, partition design, and design adjustment ports, self-regulation height. In addition, there is a big relationship with the color of the pillow, but not only the color of the pillow, and the color in the bedroom will directly affect the quality of sleep. Psychologists and color therapists believe that colors can greatly affect their mood and behavior. Intuition we describe the feeling, passionate red, melancholy blue or embarrassing green, how these expressions have indicated how the color affects our emotions, and an American mood study finds: when a cell wall is painted When pale pink, their mood has become more calm and easier to control. If the color can produce a big alleviation effect on criminals, the color of the bedroom will affect people’s sleep quality is a matter of chapter. Colors are different for everyone’s impact, but how the color is qualitative and a background and tones of a particular color change a room, and there is a general principle. The soft tones are best suited for the bedroom, that is, the color of the pillow is preferably a soft color. Make people warm and pink, make people gentle cherry red, make people calm light blue, make people relax light green all choice for people to rest. Pink and tarted cherry red is the color of the bedroom should be resting; dark yellow, orange and brown are too strong, not suitable for bedroom, but light yellow can be used in bedroom; bedroom should try to avoid using blue, light blue bedroom for male teen In terms of a fierce and irritating color, it is easy to make their hearts. Red has been found that red can accelerate blood circulation and increase blood pressure, so the bedroom should be avoided. The good and bad pillow is very impact on our sleep. Because of some, choose a suitable pillow to have a high quality sleep. Tokyo Xichuan healthy pillow, advocate pillow customization, effectively improve the quality of youth sleep, insomnia, lack of sleep, etc., pillow high self-tune designHow much low pillow can be adjusted, and the height of the healthy pillow is because of people.Next: Secret to you to decrypt the pillow – Jingcai Health Life Museum Previous: Adolescent Sleep Problem depends on whether there is a good pillow