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What kind of pillow helps sleep?

In daily life, we often see a variety of pillows, but who knows how good a good pillow is helpful to our human health? Recently, the author encountered a pillow product conference in Jingdong, onlookers People are constantly in the conference, all kinds of pillows are dazzling, which is dazzling, which is known as \u0026 ldquo; Tokyo Xichuan Pillow \u0026 Rdquo; products are particularly concerned. Tokyo Xichuan pillow is a real natural, green high-tech sleeping system brand that is built for Asians. Tokyo Xichuan pillow is not only a representative of scientific sleep, but also a model of healthy life. Nishikawa Tokyo Xichuan pillow is not just a brand, or a warm tip of life. Tokyo Xichuan pillow pillow followed the engineering principle, fitting the head neck curve, effecting the head neck, promoting blood circulation, relieving travel fatigue and pressure, using 100% pure imported space memory cotton slow rebound material, This material has a good temperature sensation, can adjust the comfort of the pillow according to the change in body temperature, improve people’s sleep environment, and improve people’s sleep quality. Tokyo Xichuan pillow material is an open-established mesh structure, strong gas permeability, can memorize the object acting in the shape therein, when it is subjected to human pressure and body temperature, automatic shocking makes the body to embed fixed, natural shape The S-type body, evenly support the body weight, effectively resolve the human pressure into memory, offset the reaction, completely relax the shoulder and neck and waist parts to improve sleep. What are the characteristics of Tokyo Xichuan pillow? 1 The phenomenon, but this will not happen using a slow rebound pillow. 2, memory deformation, automatic plastic ability can fix the head, reduce the possibility of the pillow; the automatic plastic ability can properly fill the shoulder voids, avoiding the common problems in the shoulders, can effectively prevent cervical spine. Problem. 3, anti-anti-anti-anti-mite, slow rebound sponge inhibit mold growth, except for the growth of mold breeding growth, when there is a spit of sweat, it seems more prominent. 4, breathable and moisture, since each cell unit is interconnected, the moisture absorption performance is excellent, and it is also breathable. According to reports, use Tokyo Xichuan pillow to eliminate fatigue and soreness caused by incorrect sleeping positions, reducing mesaka, muscle sore sleep disorder, makes the head, neck, waist contact surface without pressure, blood flow, can make human body fast Enter a good sleep state, maintain the cervical spine in normal physiological state, effectively protect the cervical spine and correct or prevent deformation, especially for susceptible insomnia, easy to fall, cervical lumbar spondylosis patients. You can alleviate the tension of the day, effectively improve sleep quality, relieve backache, back pain, neck stamp; make full body relax, quickly recover energy. Next: Expert reminder: The weather is hot and hot is difficult to sleep!Previous: Preventing cervical spondylosis, choose a pillow