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What is the high-level pillow for a baby?

The pillow is a very important sleep tool. For the baby, the pillow does not only affect the quality of sleep, and it also affects the head shape and spine development. For the baby’s purchase specific baby special pillow, it is also a lot of people. Next, please follow the humps of Xiaobian to understand those things about the baby pillow, I hope you can also gain something today! What are the baby’s pillow, and the newborn is the important stage of the head development. If you don’t correctly care about your baby’s head, you will affect your baby’s head blood circulation. Very big, not conducive to the baby’s growth and development, and will also affect the physiological function of the head neck, causing the baby’s head to develop malformation. Choose a good baby pillow, not only play a good protection for your baby’s cervical vertebra, but also the role of your baby’s head. Even, some expensive products can also prevent the baby’s migraine, and there is also a significant role in correcting the bias of the baby. Of course, the baby pillow on the market mainly uses a special shape of sponge, according to the human engineering design, providing a full range of support. Here is recommended to Baby pillows in Tokyo, a big brand of 450 years, it is trustworthy. Baby pillow should not buy? The main function of the baby’s pillow is to prevent the baby’s head to rotate and do not give the baby’s cervical vertebrae. Baby pillows should not be used, or the debate is whether it does not have a related role. The head size of the newborn baby is almost wide with shoulder. When lying is lying, the back and the back of the bottom are on the same plane; when the side is sleeper, the head and the body are also on the same plane. The neck is very soft and straight, with a pillow to oppress the baby’s cervical vertebrae. Therefore, you can do not need a pillow. However, for the role of the baby pillow, many mothers spit it without controlling the function of the baby’s head, and is useless for the messy baby. For this, it is really convinced. However, the biggest advantage of the baby pillow is that it is more suitable than other products, more soft, can reduce the oppression of the baby cervical spine. It is necessary to remind: bought a baby pillow that does not mean that mothers can do not take care of the baby. In particular, the baby will leave an hour after entering the sleep state, the head tends to leave the pillow, so mother still needs attention and seeing the baby, Avoid starting the baby’s pillow while the baby is slipping. The guidelines that must be followed by the baby pillow 1. According to the age group to buy a pillow, the newborn does not need a pillow, because the spine at this time is straight, and the back is on the same plane when it is lying. Resulting in muscle tight conditions, causing the pillow, and the newborn’s head is large, almost with shoulder, and the side is natural. After 3 months, the spine neck begins to appear forward physiological curvature. At this time, you must use a pillow to your baby, but pay attention to the height of the pillow, usually 2 ~ 3 cm. After six months, the baby is further developed, and the pillow of 3 to 4 cm high should be selected. 2. Put the pillow to see the pillow material from the pillow core material, there are three material ratios on the market.More common: the first is the traditional folk material, such as buckwheat shell, decise, tea, kapok, etc.Affordable but not breathable; the third is latex pillow, it is said to be beneficial for children’s spine development, and breathable, but prices are expensive.The baby is mainly dissipated by the head, so the gas permeability of the pillow is first needed, and the chemical fiber pillow includes a memory wam pillow relatively breathable.In addition, the baby’s pillow should not be too hard, otherwise it is easy to cause soft skull deformation, some cereal materials will be hard, and you can pay attention when purchasing.Next: How high pillows is best for cervical vertebrae?Previous: 【小】】 Why do you want to pillow?