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What is good in treadmill brands?

As one of the most common fitness equipment in the family and the gym, the treadmill is now welcomed by very many fitness enthusiasts. What is good? Xiaobian will briefly introduce a few good treadmill brands. I. 1. A variety of products have different running band widths, suitable for all kinds of crowds, and more prices. 2. The treadmill running belt consists of a wear-resistant surface, a silencer and noise reduction layer, a high strength strengthening layer, an EVA shock absorbing layer, and a high-strength support layer, and a multi-layer running belt play a good silencer. 3. High-density fiber running board is set to different soft and hardness according to different sizes of the user’s growth, so that the shock absorption effect is optimized, and the effective damping resistance is subjected to a certain impact, protect the knee joint of the runner, so that the movement More lasting. Second, Yishang 1. Yishang treadmill is well received with beautiful appearance, quality performance and advanced technology. 2. The new Yishang running can be fully folded, using a brushless motor, high quality master chip increases the performance of the treadmill by 60%. Intimate setting of intelligent remote control handles and intelligent open circuit controls. all net competition mode combines games and fitness together, and users can exercise PK from friends from the world when they are running. Third, 1. Founded in 2005, the running machine is divided into commercial and household treadmills, and the sample detection of my country Sports Testing Center is a leading local enterprise. 2. Treadmill works in Ali intelligence, and can analyze and record the human health data by connecting Ali App. 3. The treadmill has multi-file slope adjustment, and users can choose according to their own needs. At the same time, the treadmill also with a diversified fitness equipment such as sit-ups, dumbbells and massages. Fourth, Fei Jian 1. The flying treadmill is sold online to the more small weight loss treadmill. 2. The flying treadmill can be folded. You can use it without installing it. You can use it. If you don’t go to many installed troubles, you will be small in the area, and your home users are relatively small. 3. The flying treadmill has a Bluetooth connection function. After connection to the exclusive physical fat, you can clearly understand health data and adjust the fitness plan in time. Five, Aikang 1. Aikang has its own advanced technical team and mature product line to master the core technology of treadmill. 2. Aikang treadmill has human machine interaction, synchronous training and rich fitness video, and treadmill can follow the varying speed and slope break space, so that users are in their own way. 3. However, the price of the Aikang running machine will be more expensive, suitable for users with more budgets. The above running machine brand is just a reference, and the specific choice should be based on its own actual situation, of course, the quality products will make the exercise this movement comfort and effectively protect your health.