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What are the treadmill brands?Recommended treadmill brand

Treadmill is one of the most common equipment now, not only in the gym, but the household treadmill is also swept, which is not bad in the running machine brand, Xiaobian recommends several models. 1. A variety of products have different running band widths, suitable for all kinds of crowds, and prices are more favorable. The treadmill running belt consists of a wear-resistant surface, a muffler and noise reduction layer, a high strength reinforcement layer, an EVA shock absorption layer, and a high-strength support layer, and a multi-layer running belt play a good silencer. The high-density fiber run plate is set to different soft and hardness according to the different sizes of the user’s growth, so that the shock absorber effect reaches the optimization, and the effective damping resistance is subjected to a certain impact force, protects the knee joint of the runner, so that the movement is more . 2, Qi Diji Treadmill China Zhejiang area well-known fitness equipment, treadmill manufacturer. Li Jijia rely on advanced R \u0026 D facilities and modern production lines, playing the leading role in the treadmill industry, paying attention to the price ratio, with the \”healthy thousands of\” for the brand concept, exporting the exports of Ocean and the United States have determined a good reputation for the treadmill. 3, treadmill is China’s leading fitness solution provider, providing diversified fitness equipment products, one of the most complete enterprises in the industry, with home running series, light business run series, commercial electric run series. 4, Qi Musus treadmill has advanced treadmill production equipment, introduces foreign new fitness and leisure products and wellness concepts, and the products produced are novel, beautiful, and cost-effective fitness equipment. 5, the treadmill was born in 2005, more than ten years, has a complete family fitness solution product line, including treadmill, rowing machine, dynamic bicycle, elliptical machine, etc., focusing on R \u0026 D home commercial luxury treadmill And fitness equipment. The above treadmill brand sales are very good, and it has also gained a lot of faithfulness. I hope that the brief introduction to several brands can help the exercise.