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What are better brands in the dynamic bicycle list?

In recent years, the dynamic bike this sight is quite good, and the intelligent development will also make the dynamic bicycle’s home use experience is getting better and better, and gradually improved in the field of home fitness. So which brands in the dynamic bicycle list are more good, we will introduce you to the sales of several markets today. 1. With the complete supply system of domestic fitness equipment, from design, molding to parts, quality control is very strict, the purpose is to help people’s lives are healthier. In order to become the world’s leading home fitness equipment brand, the team is all consisting of sports health experts and fitness trainers from all over the world. The dynamic bicycle guarantees the quality of the United States, enjoys the fun of riding, and each fitness car is out of 57 strict quality inspection. The real material is made up of each user, and rides comfortably. 2, Pelotonpeloton is the head brand of the US intelligent spinning bike. The IPO, according to foreign media, valuable 4 billion, there is a \”Netflix\” in the fitness industry, the main intelligent home dynamifier bicycle and quality dynamic bicycle live broadcast content. They achieve intelligence through intelligent terminals and body integration, and have achieved the leading level of the spinning bicycle industry in the hardware and software experience. 3, Life FitnessLife Fitness is one of the US Old Sports Equipment Brands, one of the US 500 companies. In May 2019, according to foreign media reported that due to the sales volume of two consecutive quarters, it has been peeled off from the listing parent company Brunswick, 100% The equity is sold to KPS Capital. Their motion bike owner hits high-end fitness, luxurious fitness. There are many high-end hotels and large enterprises, and product quality is also fully equipped with their brand philosophy. 4, Mobi-Fitness Mobi Movement is a dynamic bicycle brand that has gradually emerged in China, and the main home fitness and intelligent fitness. Pay more attention to intelligent use experience and design, boldly abandon the traditional appearance style of fitness equipment, turn to simple, small, modern home style, high value. 5, Esoul and Mobis movement, is also an emerging spinning bike brand, the main live content and intelligence. In terms of appearance, a certain degree of optimization is made on the basis of traditional dynamic bicycles. The content of the membership system is equipped with a professional live content team. It is equipped with a live broadcast between Ring Air SOHO. The offline courses are always broadcast online, but currently online broadcast needs to move off the offline, unable to overwrite the full-time period live streaming. The above brands are good in the mainstream market in the dynamic bicycle list, I hope these introductions can help