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Treadmill household considerations

In recent years, more and more people tend to place treadmills at home, but there is no special fitness instructor guidance, many problems must be solved. In order to give you a better sports experience, Xiaobian organizes a household treadmill’s exercise consideration, let’s take a look. 1. Do a good job before running: No matter how low your treadmill running speed setting, you must be doing well before running, because when our joints and muscles are suddenly stretched suddenly from the soothing state It will cause a moment of instantaneous pressure, which is easily caused by muscle strain and joint dislocation. 2, running training should be stepped from: training to lose weight or fitness through treadmill, the most effective way is that the training intensity is less, and the training is easy to be difficult. Of course, this is also the only safest treadmill training process. 3. It is enough to focus when running: there is enough focus when running on the treadmill, so that unnecessary accidents can be avoided. 4, in addition, pay attention not to pour the exercise on the treadmill when specifically movement. The number of training should not be more than 4 times a week, and it is good for an hour after a meal. 5, even if you practice the treadmill in your home, we must wear sports and sports shoes to practice, don’t exercise, in the process of exercises, it is best to add a certain amount of water every 15 minutes, but not too much. 6, the training intensity should not be too big, not necessarily to practice the sweat, this effect is not good, friends with heart disease or high blood pressure are more appropriate to use treadmills, indoor air should be smooth, Air conditioning should not be too high. 7. If you practice the treadmill in order to lose fat, you can work with abdominal strength training during exercises, such as sit-ups. The above is the precautions for treadmill household. Whether it is doing, safety is the primary attention problem, don’t forget the needs of your body in order to pursue exercise.