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Top ten brands recommended, very important

There is always someone to ask if there is any good brand recommendation for the treadmill, the brand is a guarantee of product quality and after-sales service quality, it is still very important. Xiaobian tailored today’s introduction of the top ten brands of treadmills, and ranking no points. 1. (Hangzhou) Health Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional high-end home fitness equipment provider, long-term commitment to technological innovation and optimization of the intermediate link, so that more consumers can purchase higher quality and price-friendly fitness instruments products . Its household treadmill shape is very lightweight, the body is smooth, and it is easy to accommodate, and the motor is relatively mute. 2. As the largest first-line entity brand in China, its home treadmill motor is very durable, low failure rate, and has a huge after-sales service system to ensure that the price is very prominent. 3, the advantage of the speed of the Speed \u200b\u200brunning machine is that the motor is very strong, the core is excellent, the user experience is good, but the price is high, it is more suitable for commercial use. 4, Jieruite Group is headquartered in Colorado, USA, has more than 30 years of development history, providing a large-scale professional sports fitness equipment supplier. It has established multinational subsidiaries in the United States, Britain, France, Italy, Australia, Japan, China, South Korea, with a total of more than 3,000 brand chains, and products sell more than 150 countries and regions around the world. 5, the treadmill is the treadmill brand, which is established in 2005, has been adhering to the \”high-cost treadmill\”, \”China’s home treadmill top ten brands\” \”Breaking the home treadmill? Good suspense\” is three telesles, relying on The advantages of US technology and Chinese web brand name. Successfully creating a first brand of online running, the product has been recognized by domestic and foreign customers. 6, Qi Mus, Zhejiang Qimus Industry \u0026 Trade Co., Ltd., is a modern high-tech enterprise integrating production treadmill, high-end adjustment dumbbells, barbells, running dumbbells, integrated trainers, yangli tutorials, bodybuilding tutorials, etc. , Production, sales and service are integrated. As one of the top ten treadmill brands in China, the appearance of the product is impact, functional, stable performance, worthy of ownership. 7. Joshan Qianshan is Asia’s largest fitness equipment, with a huge entity network, but its home treadmill look still in the traditional style, the appearance style is not fashionable. 8. Good families have been established in 1994, has been adhering to the \”propagation of health concepts, advocating healthy lifestyle, and satisfying people’s demand for healthy life. Good family group always adheres to independent research and development and technology innovation, has a number of independent knowledge Property rights .9, Li Jian Beijing Li Jian Jian Kong Technology Co., Ltd. has long been committed to the supply of international first-line brand fitness equipment, as well as technical output of fitness venue management training, always focusing on the supply and technology promotion of fitness union equipment. After passing More than ten years of accumulation and development, Li Jian has won a good reputation in the industry with high quality products, services and rich value, and has received high recognition of many customers. 10, Li Ji Jia Zhejiang Lijiejia Sports Equipment Co., Ltd. was established In 2006, it is a domesticThe family specializes in providing one of the manufacturers of fitness equipment.The biggest feature of the kuka-ku is equipped with a 10.5-inch high-definition screen, and can be networked in real time, or the speed can be automatically adjusted according to the built-in fitness program.The top ten brands of the above treadmill have always been context, from the consumer evaluation, I hope I can give you a point.