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Top ten brands recommended, optional treadmill reference

How to choose the treadmill has always been a difficult point in the heart of the consumer, because it is really too many brands to choose cost-effective. Today, Xiaobian will recommend the top ten brands of treadmill in the mind, hoping to help everyone. First, the more prominent is its price / performance, moderate, in terms of performance, the after-sales system is also very perfect, the shock absorption treatment is very good, especially noise reduction, use comfortably, not necessary Hearing trouble. Second, ICON Ericsson Icon, the global high-end running machine brand, has been identified as a leader in the global fitness equipment industry by many famous media, and its products are covered by 25% in the US market share. Up to 63%, making the Aikang were identified as a well-deserved big brand in the fitness equipment industry. Aikang products have been leading the international fitness equipment market. The quality of treadmill can be fully guaranteed, and the global fitness equipment industry is well-known enterprise, which is extremely influential treadmill brand. Third, Johnson Joshan Qiao Mountain, began in 1975, Taiwan, the only listing sports and fitness equipment company, Asia first, the world’s third running machine brand, the company has now, the annual turnover is more than 30% growth rate, running Stable growth in the machine industry, the famous brand, treadmill ten brands, multinational group companies. Fourth, Aeon Zhenglun American Aeon is an internationally renowned brand, with excellent European and American R \u0026 D team, combined with Taiwan’s superb manufacturing technology technology and scientific perfect after-sales service, with superior quality, fashion product design, scientific and perfect After-sales service, it has been highly recognized by consumers, quality and durability are known in the industry. 5. SH my country treadmill leadership brand, domestic first-line brand, after-sales service first-class, whether it is a good reputation, consumers have a high satisfaction of treadmill, it is difficult for almost every price The user has a good choice, the benchmark in the treadmill industry. Sixth, Elboo benefits as German brands, Elboo products adhere to Germany’s strict manufacture of rigorous manufacturing traditions, integrating BMW, Mercedes-Benz, etc. The top luxury car of the world, pursue excellence and elegance. Yiping brand always puts the quality and service in the first place, adheres to the process and user experience, and is in design and style. Stick the product into a beautiful art, and the Yangtze Treadmill is good in the domestic runner industry. Seven, Sole Speed \u200b\u200bSole Treadmill Brand is known as \”BMW\” in the household treadmill, the famous American fitness equipment, in 1994, in Los Angeles, and rapidly developed a well-known treadmill brand in North America. Brand positioning high-end home, facing middle and high-end consumer groups. Spler Product Design Classics, excellent quality and after-sales service have excellent awareness. Eight, Huixiang HX Huixiang, \”First National Brand\”, starting the design and manufacturing of electric treadmill in 1996, is an experienced treadmill brand. With huge domestic sales network, market coverage, shareHigh first.Jiu, Rui Rui Room ReeBok is an internationally renowned sports brand, has been a hundred years of young sports, from the initial sportswear to the current sports and fitness equipment, with a high fame in the international market.The treadmill master hits the high-end home market, continues the consistent young fashion style, the brand element is apparent on the treadmill, from the original ZR, ZRK series to the current Jet series, the product is very powerful, its products are design, performance, qualityExcellent aspects of performance, and the price of treadmill is slightly lower.Ten, Li Chardati Lionfitness is a very influential brand in Europe. At present, our domestic Liati brand treadmill is processed by Taiwan production base. All products adhere to the original import of the whole machine, this is aVery big selling point.There are many types of treadmills. Of course, there are more than this Type 10, so the top ten brands of this treadmill are just as a reference, and the ranking is not divided, and the specific needs of consumers are not separated.