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The advantages and disadvantages of rowing machines, do you understand the boat?

As a fitness equipment in recent years, the rowing machine has been welcomed by many young people. It is said that it is very beneficial for people’s health, and some people want to ask. Is there a shortcoming of the ship’s workout? Xiaobian’s answer is of course, there is no perfect thing in this world, which is a small and shortcoming. Let us first look at the advantages of it before discussing the shortcomings of rowing machine exercise? 1. The resistance of rowing equipment varies: Moreover, the legs are getting stronger, the greater the resistance. 2, reduce fat: rowing exercise can balance the body fat and net weight in the human body. If the athlete is obese, the boating is a more good movement, which can burn a lot of fat. 3, increase muscle and joint activity: The action of rowing is useful for arthritis or osteoporosis patients, and muscles can improve muscle joint rigid problems when the muscles can improve their muscle joints. 4. Enhance the four-headed muscle: the most use of the rowing exercise process is the four muscles, and it can enhance the muscles in this regard. 5. It is beneficial to the cardiopulmonary function: Boating can enhance the ability of the lungs to provide oxygen, and you can enhance your heart and lung capacity through a short intermittent direction. Of course, there is an advantage that there will be shortcomings, and there is a limit to rowing exercise. 1. The rowing exercise movement has a high requirements, and it takes a certain time to master the right skill. If the action irregularity will affect the exercise effect, and the exercise is needed to stop the exercise can be adjusted. 2, people who do not apply to waist or lumbar vertebrae. This is because rowing exercise requires a user with certain coordination ability. When making boating exercises, it is a certain exercise or strength requirement, and the action is not standardized or too much to prevent the waist muscle. Xiaobian reminded that although the exercise is good, it is still unreasonable. Although the rowing machine exercise can bring a lot of good benefits, it must be in the case of your own body.