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Teen sleep problems depends on whether there is a good pillow

Teen sleep problems depends on whether there is a good pillow \u0026 ldquo; sleep to sleep naturally, count the money to hand cramps \u0026 rdquo; is a lot of people’s dreams, but dreams are very full, realistic is very bone. On March 21, it was the 15th World Sleep Day, the 2015 China Sleep Index Report, etc. But there are still many teenagers to express \u0026 ldquo; sleep enough \u0026 rdquo; one aspect is that learning pressure is caused, on the one hand, the quality of sleep is not good, there is no sufficient to make the body and spirit to rest. The purpose of rest. The former is an inevitable growth process that you want, the latter needs to improve sleep quality from many aspects. What can I do if I can improve sleep? What should I do if my child sleeps? Generally, drinking milk or diet in diet before going to bed, some foods that mitigate mental stress, reaching it easier to sleep, achieving the purpose of normal sleep time. In addition, you have to dine on time and take a clear digestible diet, keep the digestive system. The next step is to improve sleep quality under the premise of sleep time. First, it is necessary to construct a comfortable and healthy sleep environment, and the quality of sleep is not high. It is largely that the environment is not given a sufficient rest space. The most effective, direct improvement method is to choose a healthy brand sleep pillow. Here is recommended to Sichuan sleep pillow in Tokyo. After 450 evolution, it is possible to make neck and heads. The purpose of achieving full rest. Second, there is a good mattress to make the whole body to rest, relieve fatigue, here is recommended in the well mattress, or the air mattress is a very good brand. Some small knowledge that helps youth solve sleep problems 1. The body temperature will help to generate sleepiness, the body is in low energy, and the body temperature is lower than normal. Instead, the process of reducing body temperature will remind the body to transfer low energy consumption, thereby helping to generate a trap. 2, coffee, tea and wine should not drink coffee and tea before going to bed, there is a refugee effect, decrease the depth sleep time; although alcohol can speed up, you can deepen the depth of sleep, but it is easy to wake up in the process of sleep (Drinking People should have a deep experience); so avoid intake of any diet that may stimulate the nerve before going to bed. Drinking a cup of milk is ok. 3, pay attention to follow the sleep cycle: sleep more, not necessarily, a complete sleep cycle includes 5 phases: fall asking, light time, sleeping period, deep sleep, fast eye period. It is about 90 minutes a cycle, and it is best to sleep for 4 to 5 cycles. 4, psychological hint: establish a bedroom, bed and sleeping relationship bed, try not to do things, if you can’t sleep, simply look at the bed dry, and then go to bed after sleeping. These can help adolescents solve sleep problems to some extent, the key is to develop with pillows, mattresses, Tokyo Xichuan pillows and well mattresses, all good choices, I wish you a good sleep.Next: What kind of pillow helps sleep Previous: How much is the high level of pillow?