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Teen sleep pillow how to determine

Youth sleep problems have always plagued the majority of parents and friends, which not only affects the physical and mental development of young people, but also affects youth’s learning life. Long contempons, will cause harsh impact on the development of children, then, how to improve young people? Adolescent sleep quality On the one hand, the teenager is studying, and the training is often very much, and the sleep time itself is less. High quality sleep is a physical break, alleviating the essential elements of the brain pressure, however, most of the teenagers, bitter to stay up all night Reading, sleep just a few hours, while sleep quality is poor, in the morning, the head is farther, natural learning, life will be affected, further stimulate children, more unable to get better rest, malignant cycle. It can be imagined how important sleep quality is known. How to improve the quality of youth sleep quality for adolescents, improve sleep quality, is the only way. On the one hand, we must advocate healthy sleep habits, put some difficult English words and complex calculation formulas, chemical equations to recite before going to bed, use hypnotic memory, sleep, sleep, to deepen and consolidate memory. On the one hand, actively improve the sleep environment, quiet, temperature, and humidity are influencing factors. The most important thing is that bedding, especially pillows, directly affecting adolescent sleep quality, so a healthy sleep pillow is necessary. The height of healthy pillows is suitable for pillows. The most important thing is the most troublesome. Many people have caused uncomfortable neck because they are not suitable, causing uncomfortable neck, poor sleep quality, and even cervical spondylosis. So, how much is the lower pillow? Dr. Oshan Longbao, Sichuan Sleep Academy, the pillow needs to be tailored to factors such as cervical vertebrae, height, sleep habits, etc. The height of the pillow depends on everyone’s body data, not a form of digital, so choose a healthy pillow. When it is best to choose a highly adjustable height, it is best to provide a pillow custom service. Dr. Oshan Longbao recommended Xichuan pillow, unique partition + free adjustment height + new resin hose filling, is undoubtedly a good choice for healthy pillows. Xichuan Nishikawa brand, has a history of 450 years, is unique in the bedding industry, and Xichuan sleeps, built a healthy sleep revolution, four-partition design fully considers a variety of sleeping positions and habits, free adjustment is high, plus Xichuan advocated Pillow customization, one person is a pillow, so that the pillow is height, it is the most scientific, new filler resin hose, ventilation + flow + hygiene + high elastic + water washable, superior. Choose a pillow for your teen, choose Sichuan Nishikawa. Next: Get cervical spondylosis does not sleep pillow? Previous: Custom pillow suitable for cervical vertebrae