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Secret for you to decrypt pillows

Most of the development of the pillow is not inseparable from the pillow. For the pillow, ancient especially pays attention to the name, it will be more than the modern pillow. The pillow used by the emperor, with gold silk as a face, on the soft jade arrangement, graceful, and is called jade pillow \u0026 rdquo ;. The rich people are more soldiers, built-in selection cotton, transmissions, called   ldquo; square pillow; modern, pillow is getting more and more complicated, according to reason, the people should pursue more Have a better \u0026 ldquo; jade pillow ah, why have been using buckwheat? This is inseparable from people’s sleep habits, buckwheat is generally, cheap, suitable for ordinary people, now a variety of pillows in the market, mostly the low price of less than 200 yuan, is based on people’s love for buckwheat pillows. The reasonable height of the pillow has an ancient story, called \u0026 ldquo; high-pillow worry-free   but this point of view is now very harmful. Director Li Zhiguang, the director of the Beijing Medical Professor, said that the normal physiological state of the cervical vertebrae is maintained when sleeping, in order to make the skin, muscle, ligament, intervertebral joints and through the tissue of the neck, esophageal and nervous, and rest . Normal people sleep pillow, whether it is supine or lateral lying, will change the physiological state of the cervical spine to make some local muscles in the neck. Over time, the neck muscles will have a strain, contracture, so that the cervical vertebrae position occurs, it is well known cervical spondylosis, which occurs in a white-collar, adolescents, etc. So, how is the pillow? Here is a concept, the pillow is customized, and the saying goes, the pillow is the same, or more important, the cervical vertebra’s importance is self-evident, how to get a full rest, this It is a good pillow that should be solved. Pillow customization, need to measure data such as neck curve, shoulder width, height weight, according to the mattress, sleep habits, adjust the pillow height, constantly adjust, to the bonded neck curve, the most suitable pillows for the neck. The filling of the pillow mentioned the most acceptable buckwheat. In fact, this filler, the advantage is not much, and the disadvantage does a lot of piles. As a plant filler, the problem is unavoidable is the health problem, the birth of a sensation before. The pillow of insects makes the safety of such botanical pillows. So, what is the nature of the pillow? 1. Meet the needs of hardness. Some people like hard pillows, some people like soft pillows, and some people like to be moderate, so a fill must not meet the needs of everyone, multiple ratios, multiple hardness choices, is the basic demand for fillers. 2, the problem of safety and health is also the most concerned that the plant filling is the most vulnerable. It also needs careful choice when purchasing, compared to lower, resin hoses, latex, fiber cotton and other fillers. A lot of safety sanitation, especially resin hoses, water washable, ventilationVery strong, there is no insect environment.3, other characteristics of the pillow on the market, mostly with the filling point for selling points, propaganda features, have a certain effect, and other aspects, more common, such as height, design, etc., the pillow is not determined by the filler, soThe choice is to carefully consider the week.The pillow is suitable and is comfortable to be aimed.Introduced so many pillows related knowledge, in fact, good pillow is in our side, Tokyo Xichuan brand pillow, 450 years of history, the secret of the pillow is in it, Xichuan is a household in Japan, the main pillow is customized, self-adjusting height, partition design,The new filler and other sellings are now logged in to Jingdong Mall.Next: Pillows and health let our body’s health begins in high quality sleep: What kind of pillow helps sleep