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Preventing cervical spondylosis, you need to choose a pillow

Cervical spondylosis is a common orthopedic disease. Is it close to the relationship of the pillow? Tokyo Xichuan tells you that you have a good pillow to prevent cervical spondylosis. Cervical maintenance, heavy in daily. Many people are good, and they are integrated and scared: how is the physiological curvature of cervical vertebra? It turns out that when the pillow is not suitable, the cervical vertebra is suspended. After sleeping, it is responsible for protecting the ligament of the cervical vertebra, the muscles, the joint capsule, etc. have been relaxed. Over time, the physiological curvature of the cervical vertebra will disappear and even reverse bending, causing corresponding The intervertebral joint is misplaced. The pillow is high, and it is low. The specific dimensions of the pillow are also determined for each person’s physiological characteristics, especially the neck’s physiological arc. People say that health is very similar to the savings, one hundred, two hundred places in the card, although not much, but after three years, I have come back to see, the money inside is really a small number. On the contrary, if you are one hundred, you will take it out of 260 tomorrow, although not much, but the time is long, the money in the Carry is almost the same. In fact, cervical spondylosis is still \u0026 ldquo; causes disabled bracers \u0026 rdquo; The heavy can cause vision, hearing obstacles, muscles and high paraplegia! Many cervical spine patients have a painful, try to find a variety of panacea. In fact, good medicine is in our pillow. A can medicine is not as good as a good pillow, it is a good medicine to give the cervical vertebra. There are 1/3 of the person to spend the bed, and you say how important it has a good pillow? Tokyo, Nishikawa, Japan’s high-end bedding first brand, a household name in Japan is one of the large-scale, experienced, product types, and become one of Japan’s premiere bedding leadership brand. To interpret the sleep of the human body, the development of a good sleeping environment is the mission. In 1984, JRLSS Japanese Sleep Science Institute was established, which was treated as a pioneer research institution in this field. Tokyo Xichuan custom sleeping pillow, build a good sleep system to solve your cervical spine health, let you have a good pillow! Next: What kind of pillow helps sleep? Previous: When do you change your pillow?