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Pillows and health let our body’s health begins with quality sleep

1. A pillow may hide more than 1 million fungi researchers have made a detailed study of the pillow. They pick 10 pillows samples, and the usage time is between 18 and 20 years. They found that there were thousands of fungi spores per gram of pillows, that is, a pillow has more than 1 million fungi. These fungus spores typically rely on humans, dirt survival. Researchers confirmed that this fungus invaded people’s lungs and sinus, thus aggravating asthma and sinusitis. In particular, it should be noted that if there is a respiratory tract, digestive or head skin, bacteria and virus will be dyed into the pillow, leading to cross infections between husbandles or children. So the pillow should often dry and disinfect, and the pillow should be replaced. 2, pillows colorful and easy to irritate insomnia color is different for everyone’s impact, but how to change the color and a background and tones of a particular color change a room, there is a total principle. The soft hue is suitable for the bedroom, that is, the color of the pillow is preferably a soft color. Pink and tarted cherry red is the best in the bedroom; dark yellow, orange and brown are too strong, not suitable for bedrooms, but light yellow can be used in bedrooms; the bedroom should try to avoid using blue, light blue bedrooms for men Young people are a fierce and irritating color, which is easy to make their hearts. Red has been found that red can accelerate blood circulation and increase blood pressure, so the bedroom should be avoided. 3, the pillow is hard and easy to snoring to snoring, you have to choose a soft and moderate pillow, such as a pillow of a resin hose. At the same time, it should be noted that snoring people choose a pillow that is too strong, such as spring pillows, air pillows, etc., so that the head is constantly being affected by external elasticity, which is easy to produce muscle fatigue and damage, will also increase the degree of snoring. 4, the pillow is not suitable to cause sudden death practice confirmation, if the elderly use too high or low pillows, often there will be a neck curvature in the sleep, the breathing is not smooth, and the myocardial ischemic ischemic, which can induce angina . These angina patients only need to replace suitable pillows in time, and adjust the sleep posture to make the condition quickly alleviated. The function of the pillow is used to support the neck rather than the head we think. A suitable pillow can hold up the neck to relax in the neck muscle to obtain a good effect. Suitable for the pillow shape of the cervical spine, it should be along the curvature of the cervical spine to form a highlier, which can maintain and adapt to normal physiological curvature of the cervical vertebra, if the head rear pillow is pillow in the height of the pillow, The cervical vertebrae is suspended, and the cervical vertebrae is excessive flexion, the neck muscle, the ligament joint beam is in a nervous state, the pathway of the vertebral artery is blocked, and only the neck of the neck is stunned and lacking. 5, traditional pillows easy insomnia multi-dream research shows that in 600 million insomniars worldwide, there is a pillow discomfort caused by pillows, and unscientific pillows are also the primary factors that trigger various sleep disorders. Ordinary pillows are not scientific due to materials, pillow types, soft and hardness, will cause lack of blood supply to the brain, and directly affect sleep central nerve regulation, lead to sleep disorders, severe people will cause long-term habitual insomnia, whileThe facial capillaries will cause cytokines, skin elastic recessions, long-term, dark circles, dark circles, have a dark circle, and have increased briquette, and wrinkles are deepened. Do you want to change your pillow? 1. In the absence of other physical diseases, the neck is often in the morning. 2, the pillow has lost elastic, and it is necessary to take a picture to make it restore some flexibility. 3, after it is easy to adjust the pillow, it quickly reply to flat. 4, the pillow has a phenomenon, uneven phenomenon, and the filler has a moisture of moisture. Tokyo Xichuan sleep, will breathe pillow, 450 years of accumulation, so that Xichuan’s pillow adapts your head and neck, unique partition design, guarantees the design of all kinds of sleeping posture, unique filler and free adjustment port, high self-tune , Filling security, hygiene, willing \u0026 ldquo; breathing \u0026 rdquo ;. Jingdong Mall is available. Next: Good sleep pillow, improve your sleep quality Previous: Secret for you to decrypt the pillow – Jingcai Health Life Museum