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Pillow brand that helps sleep

Pillow brand that helps sleep – Tokyo Xichuan, the year, hundreds of years ago, people used a wooden pillow, stone pillow, porcelain pillow, and developed to modern times, which was replaced by a soft buckwheat pillow, now people are The top of the pillow is more complicated, various types, such as fiber cotton, down cotton, latex, creases, etc., which are endless, and the surface consumers do have this demand, and the pillow final The most fundamental purpose is also better sleep. Today, a pillow brand that contributes to sleep – Tokyo Xichuan. Tokyo Xichuan, Japan’s high-end bedding brand, founded in 1566 (Japan Yonglu 9 years), over the Yangtze River Times, the Meiji era, the big era, Showa era. The historic Xichuan industry covers pillows, mattresses, cores, blankets, bed sleeves, etc., in Japan, a household name is one of the large-scale, experienced, product types, comprehensive bedding producers. So far more than 450 years of history, the unique design, filler, sleep concept formed by the company, a generation of evolution, has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the Japanese family, and friends who have been to Japan are impressed by the Xichuan pillow. Said the Xichuan pillow, have to mention the health concept of Xichuan to interpret the human sleep physiological mystery, and develop a good sleep environment. The products of Xichuan, there is no need to contain this health concept. Xichuan pillow unique tether, lateral paragraph design, can meet a variety of different sleep postures, and self-adjusting height, but also stark contrast to other brand pillows, and the height is no longer a problem. The most special to be a new type of resin hose, this filler is non-toxic and tasteless, breathable, good rebound, and is stronger than the most filled in the market, there is almost no shortcomings, and it is possible to give the head enough comfort when sleeping. Sense, coupled with Xichuan pillow insisted on 3 points of scientific theory, all major partitions, creating a comfortable sleep environment, which is the product philosophy of Sichuan. Xichuan brand pillow, not only the pillow is so simple, it is a healthy living concept, but also a performance of yourself, good sleep, good life, is the focus of people. Next: How much is the right sleep of the height of the pillow? Previous: Good sleep is inseparable from what kind of pillow?