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How to regulate resistance, water blocking boat principle

How to regulate resistance? When seeing this problem in the fitness forum, Xiaobian is a bit surprised, because this is more like a physical issue, not fitness communication. However, since there is an inquiry, Xiaobian naturally want to answer, check the relevant information, and write this topic after communication with the colleagues of the R \u0026 D department, introduce how the water blocking boat adjusts the resistance, I hope everyone likes. Water resistance boat is more like artificial rowing principle because it does not require power driver, and the water is thrown by water, and the water of water and the size of the paddle will directly affect the speed of the pull-down speed, the relationship between them Comparison. Let’s take a look at how it adjusts the resistance. First, change the water volume 1. Want to increase the exercise resistance of the water blocking boat, the most effective method is to add more water in the water tank. At present, almost all water resistant boat products are also doing this 2. Designed The advantage is simple and easy, the disadvantage is not flexible enough, if you want to get the best movement, you must add water to the water tank after the end of the warm-up, and put some water in the water tank in the post-recovery phase 3. Some design is exquisite The product can control the water level of the main tank through the sub-water tank and the gate, and the body does not need to leave the rowing machine when the amount of water is increased or decrease, and the water volume of the main water tank can be adjusted, so that the resistance adjustment process will become quick and convenient. And do not rely on power drive. Second, change the angle of inclination of the paddle 1. In addition to changing the water, you can adjust the movement load of the rowing machine by changing the angle of inclination of the paddles. Just like a fan, if the fan is unfolded, it must be more effort. If you don’t have a strong force 3. Due to the limited space of the water tank, it is not more common to use the product of the paddle design. Third, the change of the pull-up speed 10 In addition to changing the water, there is a lazy way is to change the speed of the boating 2. Change the time from \”into the water\” to \”water\” process, that is, change the pull-down Speed \u200b\u200b3. One second, pull a paddle and three seconds pull a paddle, the power output by the body is a huge difference. If the former is 300 watts, the latter may only have 100 watts, the sports experience brought is also very different. of. In summary, you can easily adjust the resistance of the water-damped boat.