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How to reduce the fat reduction effect

To be scientific and efficient weight loss, the best way is still sports, many athletes are very good, but after retiring, reducing the grooming will immediately lose weight, so a variety of fitness equipment enters everyone’s life. Water resistance boat is a very suitable equipment that is very popular with fitness enthusiasts, on legs, waist, upper limbs, chest, and back. Every time, the upper limbs, lower limbs, waist and abdomen will complete a complete contraction and stretch in the process, and can reach a full body muscle aerobic exercise effect, especially those who have more fat in the waist and upper arm. At the same time bring unexpected body sculptures. When using a water to block the boat, each flexible ejection arm can cause approximately 90% of the extensive muscles to work out, so it is really benefiting to the extension of the macular muscles that usually participate in any movement. At the same time, there is also a significant effect on exercise back muscles, which can make the back of the back in the body, and have a larger activity range in the body, so that all joints of the spine can be exercised, which not only improves the elasticity of the muscles, but also enhances its toughness. If the purpose of the exercise is only to reduce weight, the strength of the handle should be adjusted to the medium and low strength, each time the rowing time is not less than 30 minutes, and make a little rest in the middle, which can balance the body fat and net weight in your body, efficient Fat, weight loss effect is seen. However, when practicing rowing, pay attention to the coherence of action, and each stretch does not stop, must do it. If the amplitude is too small, the muscles involved in sports will not be fully stretched or contracted. And simulate the natural action of the boating, can also exercise the muscle tissue of the leg waist and other parts, effectively exercise and stretch the muscles, especially the exercise of the back, can alleviate the symptoms of the back soreness, which is ideal for long-term white collar workers. The class, greatly increase the physiological flow activity of their low back pain muscles. The water-crowned charter is very suitable for people who are not active, and the rowing machine can consume higher energy consumption with a lower amount of energy, and can promote the body’s muscles. The effect of the body can be achieved. So this movement is to make the whole world welcome to a great extent.