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How to maintain treadmill home

As people’s pursuit of healthy life is getting higher and higher, fitness equipment has also been welcomed by more people, with treadmill households as an example, currently purchased more and more families. Although the home treadmill can bring more comfortable exercise to sports enthusiasts, how should you maintain? First, the maintenance frequency of treadmills 1. Use the running speed of the treadmill at 6km per hour, and you can lubricate the running equipment once a year. 2. Use the speed of the treadmill between 6km-12km per hour, you can maintain a home running equipment for 8 months. 3. If the speed of the treadmill is between 12km-16km, it takes 4 months to maintain once. 4. Use the treadmill speed in 16km or more, requiring maintenance in January. Second, running belt maintenance method 1. Running equipment Need to adjust the running belt after using the running belt to prevent running belt to the strip damage running belt and strip. 2. The use of the service life of the running belt is specific to the specific adjustment method: After the exercise, the running belt deviates from the middle position, and the screw is adjusted after adjusting the M5 / M6 wrench. Third, the maintenance method of other parts 1. Wipe the sweat dripped after the exercise every day (industrial alcohol’s volatility) Cleaning the body; prevent the sweat from invading the iron oxidation paint in the water, causing rust, except for sweating. 2. One week to check the running screw, the screw is loose, and the screw must be used to lock the screw to prevent rocking, 咔咔 声 such as mechanical noise. 3. If the machine is discovered to cause a motion abnormal, it will be adjusted to keep the machine and the ground to keep the horizontal contact. Fourth, for the daily maintenance of hydraulic rods 1. In order to extend the service life of the hydraulic rod, the oil should be reinforced once a month 2. Use the wrench to tighten the rod screws and use the lubricating oil. Do you know the maintenance methods of these treadmills? Xiaobian prompts that the bare leakage of the treadmill is outside the outer side of the running belt, must not pile up the debris.