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How to extend the life of treadmill

The treadmill has always been a fitness equipment that is standing in the family and gym. Most people are exercising, making the maintenance of such equipment a problem that needs to be solved. The purchase price of a good running equipment is not cheap, and it takes a lot of effort to buy suitable running equipment, while running equipment is constantly wear during frequent use, how to maintain the service life of running equipment? 1. Regularly clean the body, and dust below the fuselage. It is recommended to use cotton soft cloth to gently wipe it. Do not use acidic cleaner. 2. Regularly check if there is foreign matter between the running belt and the running board; such as fragrant mouthpieces, small organisms, etc. If the foreign matter is found, it should be cleared immediately. 3. It is recommended to lay a dedicated exercise pad under the running equipment; on the one hand, the noise of running can be eliminated, protect the floor, on the other hand, can effectively prevent dust and foreign matter from entering the motor or running belt and the running board. 4. The motor power of the running equipment is very large. This requires enough voltage. It is difficult to drive the motor when the voltage is weak. The voltage is unstable will cause damage to the motor. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid the use of treadmills when the voltage is unstable. 5. Also avoiding the treadmill work in a wet place, not using the dust, so that it is easy to make the treadmill power off and motor damage. 6. After using running equipment for a long time, the inside motor will definitely have a lot of dust. It is recommended that you have cleaned the inside of running equipment one year. 7. Regularly check the elasticity of the running belt, and whether there is a phenomenon. 8. Regularly check the emergency braking function of the running machine to ensure safe and effective. 9. Silicone oil is applied regularly between running belts and running boards; ensuring smooth operation of running. Although the treadmill movement can enhance physical fitness, any movement is nothing, so friends must arrange reasonably when they work out.