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How to choose a home elliptical machine?What are the attention

Many consumers don’t know how to start when they choose their home elliptles. Today, Xiaobian will talk to you to pay attention to what aspects when choosing equipment. First, the flywheel 1. When purchasing a home elliptical machine, the weight of the flywheel is a factor that needs to be considered. 2. The flywheel must have at least 5 kg or more, otherwise it will feel a bit floating and the exercise effect is worse. 3. The flywheel is not, the better, some sellers deliberately increase the flywheel, and the cost is deducted from other parts, seriously affecting the quality of the product. 4. The super-flywheel does not bring a strong exercise experience, and the equipment itself has a resistance adjustment device that occupies a portion of the flywheel. Second, the resistance adjustment system 1. Currently, the motor in the market uses magnetron to adjust the resistance, mainly relying on the inertia and magnetic resistance of the flywheel to control power and exercise rhythm. 2. There is still a minority device to use physical contact components similar to the brake to regulate moving resistance, and the disadvantage is to easily generate noise. 3. Magnencing technology Adjusting the electrical machine of the resistor is to effectively reduce the friction between parts and avoid excessive noise. 4. Magnencing systems are also divided into several types: permanent magnets, spontaneous electromagnets and electromagnets. General homes use the equipment motor with permanent magnet and spontaneous electromagnetic technology. Third, the joint protective cover 1. There are many \”joints\” of the elliptical machine, even in the simplest rear wheeled, at least the intermediate portion of the rod, the lower end of the rod, the rear end of the rod, and the flywheel. 2. The joint plays a very important role in carrying and transmitting various mechanical processes. 3. If there is a \”joint\” protective cover, not only the shape is more beautiful, but also effectively prevent accidental collision to damage to the human body, reflecting the humanized concept of product design. In summary, you can easily get Get to satisfactory home elliptical machine!