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How much is the height of the pillow?

How much is the height of the pillow? Many people are confused on the online data, do not know how to choose the pillow that suits you, even with a friend, there is a sleeping pillow, sleep, don’t have a pillow, don’t have a pillow? So, for these sleeping pillows and friends who don’t know how high your pillows, let’s introduce the height of the pillow. Why is the high level of the pillow need so much? Because the pillow is high if it is not suitable, it will cause a lot of harm. If the pillow is too high, people will make the cervical vertebra during the sleep process, can’t get the pillow, and in the long result, it will lead to the production of cervical spondylosis, and the symptoms of the pillow in our lives are the high level of pillows. On the contrary, if the height of the pillow is too low, it will cause insufficient blood supply, causing symptoms such as the head, and seriously affecting our sleep quality. It will also affect the mental state of the next day. Some friends wake up in the morning, neck pain is a pillow. Low. Tokyo Xichuan brand sleep pillow emphasizes private custom and self-adjusting height, so the pillow of Xichuan has self-regulating high features, while providing custom services, how high sleeping pillows, how to get a scientific measurement, reference Science data set by height weight. For sleep pillows, the most simply is to achieve comfortable sleep, healthy life. Xichuan’s pillows are under design and filler, and they are concerned about, 450 years of historical precipitation, so that Xichuan’s pillows can solve them as much as possible in pillows. The high and low of the pillow is not the idea, because three points support the theory, head, neck, and torso, not the shape of the traditional pillow, so the pillow of Xichuan, in the partition, unique four-partition, consider your back to sleep and side Sleep, so that three points supported, it is possible to give the body to a minimum of rest, which will not have a severe or stress in part, which is the right height of the pillow. In general, for the choice of pillow fillers, it should be in a breathable, elastic product, and now sell well in the market, such as buckwheat, silk, wooden cotton, etc., is a better pillow material. However, there are different determinations, such as buckwheati easily breed bacteria, silk cotton is not easy to manage, duvet is poorly elastic, and Tokyo Xichuan has accumulated through 450 years of experience, the pillow fill, resin hose, Good breathable, good rebound, not easy to get insect, easy to clean, non-toxic and tasteless. At the same time, the partition design and self-tuning high function, with the resin hose, how to sleep, how to sleep, abandon the concept of sleep without the pillow, good pillow, comfortable. Next: Teen sleep problem depends on whether there is a good pillow Previous: Pillow brand recommended to help sleep