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Good sleep is inseparable about what kind of pillow?

Want a perfect sleep, bedding is important, whether the pillow is appropriate, and it also affects the quality of sleep in a certain extent. Normally, the cervical vertebra is slightly tight, if the pillow does not contact the neck, there is a fatigue. Not only the neck is not rested, but more importantly, it will change a normal physiological curve. The pillow is not suitable to cause the pillow that people used in the sleep, which can be described as a variety of different different, have sponge pillows, buckwheat pillows, chemical fiber pillows, down pillows, silk pillows, soy fiber pillows, latex pillows, cervical memory pillows, The resin hose pillow, and some people use Chinese medicine to make a pillow self-made health pillow with chrysanthemum tea. What kind of contact is this small pillow with our health? Dr. Zhang said that the spine of the human body is distinguished from the front side, but the four natural arcs of the spine from the side, the front neck, lumbar, back, the chest, the sac, thereby Know that the cervical vertebra should be slightly curved in normal cases. If the pillow is selected, the cervical vertebra can maintain a normal pre-tilt state when sleeping. But if the pillow is wrong, plus unhealthy living habits, it may cause a change in normal physiological arc of cervical vertebra, leading to severe cervical spondylosis. Excessive pillow will cause excessive cervical vertebrae, which will cause many structures including nerve, blood vessels, and the vertebral artery supplied to the brain will be extruded, which may cause lack of supply blood, and even arms numbness, vertigo seizures, etc. In special cases, such as asthma attacks, the high pillow can be used as appropriate. Sleeping without pillows is not advisable, the neck is not supported, the neck supports the muscles that do not have a good rest. For example, people who are accustomed to the lateral position are absolutely unable to take. The people of the cervical vertebrae before treatment can sleep without pillows during treatment. Many people have questions, do you have a relationship with the pillows used to sleep. Dr. Zhang said that if this person is usually sleeping, he suddenly found a few days when he slept, then it was often caused by the pillow, and many cases were due to the low pillow. So, a good pillow is suitable for your own cervical spine, is a key to sleep. Tokyo Xichuan brand pillow, 450 years of historical precipitation, every posture when sleeping, every time, different height weight, Xichuan pillow can be, like Transformers, free transform form, your pillow you are the master! Tokyo Xichuan first log in to Jingdong Mall – Xichuan flagship store, waiting for you ~ Next: Pillow brand that helps sleep to recommend: Newborns need pillows? Baby pillow precautions