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Experts remind: the weather is hot, it is difficult to sleep with water!

In the hot summer, we will lose their sleep because of the hot and hot, even if the electric fan blows a page or not let your mood can \u0026 ldquo; cool \u0026 rdquo; come down, Xichuan sleeping pillow manufacturers provide you Several coups cool down! The hot sauna is unable to calm down, and the sweat can’t be low, the hot air is full of nasal cavity, even if the sleepy attack is also difficult to sleep, this will not only affect people The mental state of the day will make the body in a tired overdraft state. To say to \”Water conservancy is not striking \u0026 rdquo; The moisture takes away with a balance body temperature, and the appropriate amount of supplementation is bound to be bound. Many friends in daily life are always drinking a large glass of ice water in order to heat it, but such hydrating methods are not only unfavorable to the body’s absorption, but it is easy to bring burden to the stomach, can’t sleep. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a single amount of intake, and maintain the frequency of hydrating habits is necessary. Next: Do you need a pillow? Precautions for baby pillows Previous: What kind of pillow is helpful to sleep?