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Does newborn need pillows?Baby pillow precautions

Does newborn need pillows? Infant pillows, many parents don’t know if newborns need pillows, and the baby’s head cover is very soft. It will be slowly set up for about four months after birth. About three years will become the same as adults. Parents who first take children will think about their children, give him the best growth conditions, then the baby after four months, what kind of pillow is suitable? What are the precautions for baby pillows? As we all know, the baby’s skin is very delicate, so the material of the pillow should be skin-friendly, soft, and the filler should also be healthy, prevent bacteria and other bacterial breeds, and the baby is insufficient, which is easily invaded by bacterial viruses. Xichuan Baby Pillow is doing very thoughtful in this regard, new material PE hoses, safe and non-toxic, water washing, and inhibit dust mites on the roots. Reject the hardness of buckwheat, hose hard and hard, let the baby sleep more stable at night. Scientific baby pillows, to prevent migraine, flat head, etc. Green, environmentally friendly, healthy, is a must-have element for infant products. When choosing baby pillows, we must carefully choose, and newborn is delicate physique, we need us to protect. After 4 months, you can use a pillow. The precautions for choosing the pillow have been understood. Everyone must be cautious when choosing, which is related to the healthy development of the baby, and the purpose of every parent. Tokyo Xichuan pillow, has a history of 450 years. For baby, adults, old people’s sleep health is particularly exhausted, to build science, healthy sleeping environment for consumers, now log in to China, Jingdong-Jingcai Home official flagship store or Xichuan flagship The store is available. Next: Good sleep can’t open what kind of pillow? Previous: Expert reminder: The weather is hot and hot is difficult to sleep!