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Do you have a cervical spondylosis?

Many friends have got cervical spondylosis, they choose not to pillow when they are sleeping, so they think that they will reduce dizziness, this method is not right? Get cervical spondylosis without pillow? Let’s ask experts to introduce you to your cervical spondylosis. Many cervical spondylosis patients choose not to sleep when care, I don’t know this is probably a key reason for the serious cervical spondylosis, because when cervical spondylosis patients do not need pillows, they often lead to the patient’s appearance and breathing. Symptoms, serious may also lead to symptoms of insufficient blood supply to the brain. For patients with cervical spondylosis, if they don’t sleep in the pillow, they are quite serious, so patients must pay attention to choosing high-low fit pillows when they are sleeping, avoiding their hazards. Moreover, for cervical spondylosis, it takes time to perform authoritative technical treatment in early times! Patients with cervical spondylosis often ask these questions, and often patients often have good pillows that have been suffering from cervical spondylosis, so that the condition is aggravated, so let Xiaobian will introduce you to the cervical spondylosis, do not pillow. 1, cervical spondylosis sleeps without pillows? According to data calculations, there are 1/3 of the person’s life to spend the sleep in sleep, only sleeping, can guarantee the quality of work in the rest of the 2/3 time. However, many cervical spondylosis patients have many misunderstandings to sleep, including: Sleeping, should not use pillows. Let’s take a look at the introduction of experts. 2, cervical spondylosis sleeps without pillows? Experts analyze the road, no pillow, the position of the head is lower than the heart, which will cause a lot of blood flowing into the head, affect the blood circulation of the head, the blood vessel filling, the wall is pressed, and it will feel dizzy after waking up. Severely affect the quality of sleep. Moreover, the head pad is high, the chest is also raised slightly, so that the blood of the lower body can be smooth, can reduce the burden on the heart. At the same time, sleeping without pillows will cause cervical injuries. The cervical vertebra is located at the uppermost end of the human spine, in the neck, consisting of 7 vertical bones. The so-called physiological radia is a sleek, the arc of the 7 vertical bones, and the action of the pillow is to maintain this normal physiological curve. If you don’t have a pillow that you should be curved in a long time, you will be hunchback, causing damage to the cervical vertebrae, and also affects the health of the entire spine. Therefore, in order to avoid the invasion of the disease, patients with cervical spondylosis must pay attention to the use of suitable pillows. 3, then what kind of pillow is a suitable cervical spondylosis? The pillow is too high, no matter what posture to sleep, you can’t keep the normal front convex curvature of the cervical vertebrae, which will increase the burden of cervical vertebra, which may cause the pillow. If there is a neck pain, headache, dizziness, tinnitus and insomnia, etc. It is easy to cause eyelids and face edema, and the lower jaw therefore lift up, easy to open breathing, and the case of snoring. If the neck and shoulders have a phenomenon that has a pain after waking up, that is, the pillowThe head is too low, no need for pillows or pillows is too soft.Therefore, it is recommended to have a 450-year history, Tokyo Xichuan sleeping pillow, according to each person’s neck curve, height weight and other data, tailor-made pillows, one person, has always been the product philosophy of Tokyo Xichuan.Unique four-partition design, fully taking into account different sleeping positions, adjustment and mouth design, can freely regulate the height of the pillow, achieve the ideal use, new resin hose filled, rebound, ventilation, sterility, easy cleaning, etc.Unparalleled health, scientific pillow.Next: [Little posture] Why do you want to pillow?Previous: Teen sleep pillow how to determine