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Difference between treadmill household and commercial

Which is better for commercial treadmills and household treadmones? This is a post of all major fitness forums, and countless people are arguing. Even big brands come together to join in time. Considering the heat of this problem, Xiaobian also comes to make a lively, introducing the difference before the business treadmill and household treadmill, I hope to help everyone. First, home treadmill 1. Generally divided into two types of foldable and unfoldable, folding treadmills are more convenient to place at home, which is very important for people with limited home space. 2. Household treadmill tend to The user provides a convenient console and the buttons of various functions, which makes it easy for users to control the speed, slope, etc. of treadmills during exercise; generally do not apply to the gym or large gymnasium, the commercial treadmill 1.99% is unfold, this also means The commercial equipment will take a certain space, and the weight will also be more than home 2. Commercial support for multiple hours, because the commercial frame is larger, the components are higher. 3. Commercial running equipment is used in public places such as gym. However, there is no home use in the installation. 3, choose home good or commercial? Foldable treadmill can be folded, it can make a certain space, but commercial treadmill is both heavy, unable to fold 3. Cost-effective, household treadmill is enough to meet the needs of personal families, and some of the commercial treadmill The function of commercial design is not available. Is there a need to pay attention to it is necessary to pay more attention to unwanted features, whether it is a treadmill household or commercial, all have an advantages and disadvantages, everyone must be cautious when choosing Recourse.