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Custom pillow suitable for cervical spine

Scientific pillow law \u0026 mdash;  mdash; pillow is not as pillow pillow, pillow, pillow is head, in fact, this is wrong. In terms of strict sense, we should be a pillow when he is sleeping, not a pillow. I used to put forward the pillow to revolution, I have revolution, don’t call the pillow, want to call a pillow or neck pillow. why would you said this? Because the cervical vertebra is suspended when the pillow is sleepy, it is responsible for protecting the ligament of the cervical vertebra, the muscles, juanle caps, etc. If it is stimulated to the vertebral artery and the spinal nerve, there will be insufficient blood supply, dizziness, headache, insomnia, etc. How high sleeping pillows are suitable? Scientific saying that everyone’s physical condition is different, the height of the pillow is also different, and the market is clearly said that a few centimeters high is a trick. So, if you want to find a pillow suitable for your own cervical spine, custom pillows is the only choice. So, which brand pillow is doing best? In fact, there are almost no professional pillows customization services in China, mostly with different fillers, and ignore the most important places, heights and structures of the pillow. With 450 years of history, the Health Sleep Research Institute’s Tokyo Xichuan brand sleep, in terms of custom pillow, weigh absolute profession. How does the custom pillow customize? Tokyo Xichuan custom pillow, by measuring the cervical vertebrae curve, the neck data is obtained, combined with the unique multi-partition design of the Xichuan pillow, adjust the height in four partitions to achieve the purpose of bonding the neck curve, while taking into account Establishing a corresponding partition, after the highness of the pillow, you can have a healthy sleep habit of your own body, sleep habit. The pillow is only suitable for his own music, in order to sleep more, healthier, this is also advocated by Tokyo Xichuan. Cervical spondylosis chooses a suitable pillow more important! Cervical spondylosis caused by life work is especially important in the night, if there is no pillow suitable for cervical vertebra, the long night will make the cervical vertebrae have sufficient rest, hinder the treatment of cervical spondylosis, can see a healthy pillow, how important is . The high and low pillow is high and hard and hard, and the long-term use will make the neck inadequate, not to mention the cervical spondylosis. Correctly select a pillow suitable for cervical vertebra instead of active in advertising, is undoubtedly a wise choice for your health. One person, a pillow, create scientific sleep, healthy life. Next: Teen sleep pillow how to determine the previous article: Good sleep pillow, improve your sleep quality